You are welcome to today’s discussion. I titled it ‘3 things to choose’ because of the several choices we have to make regarding our health. Have you wondered why some people prefer poor health because of money, relationship and material things? That is their choice and they have absolute right to choose what they want.

In this article, my job is to educate you to choose good health. Good health is a relative state as it is defined by individuals. That is, what constitute good health to one may be complete ill health to another. For example, air conditioner in the room may constitute good health to someone, but there are people who get sick when they are in an air conditioned room. While some persons crave for weight lose, others are taking all sort of substances to gain weight.

Here are three elements that contribute to good health: 1) Healthy food, 2) Exercise and 3) Healthy environment or community.

  1. Healthy food does not necessarily have to be heavy or light, expensive or cheap. It is not dependent on where it is served. It must not be modern or obsolete. A healthy food is a balance diet that satisfies your body and build it up to full capacity to withstand your daily activities. Anything you eat that make you better and pose no physical, mental, economic and social threat to your life. You should eat food to live and not the other way round. Food is not meant to make you sick. So any thing you take that make you uncomfortable or deteriorate your health should be avoided, whether in short term or long term.
  2. Exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness. Exercise make your body fit and strong. It sharpens your mind and enhances your alertness. There are different ways you can exercise, e.g. running, jogging, dancing, skipping, bicycling, walking etc. ‘Walking is man’s best medicine’, according to Hippocrates. The strange thing i here people say now is that walking is for poor people, the rich ride in cars, bikes, planes. It is wrong thinking and should be discouraged. All forms of exercise contribute to your well being.
  3. Healthy environment or community constitute a friendly, mutual and peaceful environment. It boost peoples’ hope and trust. It’s devoid of threat, toxins, criminal activities and the like. When people live together peacefully and share in common goals they find fulfillment in what they do which is a major component in mental wellness.

Therefore, you can choose to live healthy despite all life challenges and numerous wrong information available to you. See you later.

Published by Dr Yiganubari Promise

Dr Yiganubari Promise, is a health and development expert, an entrepreneur, author and speaker. An advocate of preventive medicine. I believe we can partner to build people and nation that are proud of their personality, work and place. I have been a professional since 2015. I believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for significant outcomes. When you work with me, you should expect a collaboration with transparency, consistency and timely. Do you want to learn more? Contact me here yiganubaripromise50@gmail.com for your consultations.

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