Today we are going to see the dangers of seeking and getting medical advice from the wrong source or people.

A certain day in a medical outreach organized in a community, I was opportune to be in attendance. I consulted a woman whom has been hypertensive for a very long time, but she has not been complying to the medications giving to her by her physicians. She met me for the first time, with some of the test results and X-ray report she was asked to undertake.

Telling me her history, i quickly ran my eyes over to pick some of the signs that were obvious. Then, i looked at the investigation results she brought. She had classical features of heart failure- leg swelling, palpitation, restlessness, sweating, tiredness.

It was at this point i began to ask her questions. Having heard her side of the reasons she has not been compliance with the treatment measures so far; some of which were: financial, what stood out to me was that her sister told her not to take the drugs. Reason being that if she takes the medications she has to continue taking them for life. I thought of two things; one was to tell her exactly what was happening to her and how she allow her sister to lead her into that. Two, i asked her whether her sister was suffering with her as she was crying on my consulting desk. Probing why she left her health decision at the mercy of her sister who is not even a medical personnel, i decided to explain to her what was going on in her body. Little did i know that she has all the drugs that could help her in her bag which was giving to her from her physician.

As she showed me, i redirected her on how to take them and counselled her on the danger of getting information from a wrong source. Though she promise to change her behavior, i can’t tell how she is now. It’s a lesson for those who depend on wrong sources of information to attend to their health. Here are some of the common sources of wrong information:

  1. Co-workers: the people you work with in the office share freely in your decision as regarding the drugs to take, who to meet or where to seek help when you have medical challenges. Some of them go all the way to personally take you to their own source of help when they had seemingly similar issue.
  2. Church members: we are often victims in the hand of church members who want to help us out of ill-health but fail to differentiate a quack from an expert. They may claim all sort of thing but the truth is that they can’t help you except they knowledgeable in the field.
  3. Friends: our friends are wonderful people that mean too much to us, but they sometimes don’t lead us right. Their information mat be passionate, enticing and innocent but at the same time destructive because they lack necessary truth on what the solution to your problems are.
  4. Social media: This is one of the commonest source of wrong information, as there are many who claim what they are not on social medial and deceive millions on people everyday. It is a good practice to verify what you read online and confirm who post the before you believe them.
  5. Mentor: do you know that some of the advice a mentor give, especially those outside his or her field may be wrong? That is why wise mentors simply refer to an expert, or verify an information before relating it to his or her audience.

The gap between those who offer the right information those who do not is years of learning and practice. Experience is a product of observation and practice. Therefore, those without necessary experience can not guide you well especially in the area of your health. Not every information available to you in the community is true. You have the responsibility to find an expert and get the right information on your health because what work for someone else may not work for you. Avoid trial and error approach. Better still you can contact me regarding your health challenge any time here

Published by Dr Yiganubari Promise

Dr Yiganubari Promise, is a health and development expert, an entrepreneur, author and speaker. An advocate of preventive medicine. I believe we can partner to build people and nation that are proud of their personality, work and place. I have been a professional since 2015. I believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for significant outcomes. When you work with me, you should expect a collaboration with transparency, consistency and timely. Do you want to learn more? Contact me here for your consultations.

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