Vision of a healthy community/Board voice

In the last discussion, I highlighted different forms of community where people live together to share in common activities. In course of their interactions, so many health risks take place.

In today’s series, i will lead you to several factors that play significant role in community social cohesion and willingness to set and strive for common goals. A community does not have to be homogeneous i.e. people with the same ideology, religion, ethnicity, family history etc. Almost all communities have people from diverse backgrounds who are determine to overcome their differences and work toward common goals or objectives.

However, the following factors make community unique

History: Every community standing today migrated from somewhere. They are a product of life event that took place in the past. Historical factors may hinder or promote community development and the current activities as well as the behavior of the community dwellers.

Social elements: such as ethnicity, language, family structure, gender disparity and other social factors can affect the cohesiveness of a community. For example language barrier is a serious disadvantage to community growth except the community finds a way of using a common language that can be understood by many if not all.

Economic factors: also determine whether a community stays together or not. The economic status of majority of the community dwellers dictate directly and indirectly the health of such community. When majority of the community people can afford to provide for the basic health need of her members, disease outbreak and sickness in the community is brought to the barest minimum. The livelihood of a community is a key factor in their health indices.

Cultural factors: explains the importance people place on their lay down believe system. I was astonished when i saw a tribe in Rivers State celebrate her culture. I was told that the custom of the land allow young girls or ladies to appear naked in the town square in the present of spectators. This event showcase ladies that are due for marriage. That is what the tradition and culture of that tribe permits, and know that their are health, behavioral and human right violations that need to be addressed as long as the practice continue.

Intellectual element: the level of literacy in a community directly influence its developmental strive. When majority of the community dwellers are aware of what it takes to build a healthy and habitable community, they will go all out to ensuring they achieve their goals, instead of few leaders trying to succeed on their own accord. For example, considering the human right violation associated with the cultural practice highlighted above; am sure no educated family will allow their wards to participate in such culture that abuses girl-child dignity by showing her nakedness to the world.

Leadership: this is the most important factor that controls all others. Where leadership fails, human right violation thrives. Health and security break down and the community become unbearable for people to live in.

Conclusively, a community is an essential functional unit of any society and must be made healthy at all times. All the elements that make up the community must be understood and rehearse by everyone in order to maintain a save and healthy community where development can thrive.

Published by Dr Yiganubari Promise

Dr Yiganubari Promise, is a health and development expert, an entrepreneur, author and speaker. An advocate of preventive medicine. I believe we can partner to build people and nation that are proud of their personality, work and place. I have been a professional since 2015. I believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for significant outcomes. When you work with me, you should expect a collaboration with transparency, consistency and timely. Do you want to learn more? Contact me here yiganubaripromise50@gmail.com for your consultations.

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